Call for Papers: Minor literatures and memory within the Turkish context

Location: Turkologentag 2016. Hamburg, 2016, 14-17 September

Organization: Börte Sagaster, University of Cyprus, Karin Schweissgut, Berlin

Deadline for the proposals: February 21, 2016

Details about the registration for the Turkologentag 2016:


This panel will focus on minor literatures (Franz Kafka, Gilles Deleuze/Félix Guattari and Ronald Bogue) within the Turkish context. Literatures of the Turkish language in the Mediterranean region and the Balkans (Cyprus, Thrace, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and others) as well as literatures of various ethnic and religious minorities and other subaltern groups in Turkey (e.g. Kurds, Armenian, Jews) will be taken into consideration. The panel attempts to discuss identity constructions and the memory of the past, which can be identified as significant themes in these literatures. Thus, approaches from the field of literary studies (esp. the theoretical approach on minor literatures) and the field of memory studies (e.g. Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning, Aleida Assmann, Ann Rigney) provide an approximate framework for this panel.

We invite case studies as well as comparative research to discuss specific characteristics of memory practices in minor literatures from various points of view.

Please send your proposal (title, a 300 word abstract in English) and a short CV until 21 February 2016 to and

CfP (pdf): Minor literatures and memory within the Turkish context

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  1. Nuran Altuner says:

    Merhaba çağrınızı yeni gördüm özet gönderimi yapılabilir mi?


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