Job advertisement: Research Associate

UHH-Logo_2010_Farbe_RGBfor the project “HerCoRe –Hermeneutic and Computer based Analysis of Reliability, Consistency and Vagueness in historical texts (illustrated through two main historical works of Dimitrie Cantemir)”

The position commences on 1 May 2017 and is based in the department of Turkish Studies.

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2017

It is remunerated at the salary level TV – L 13 and calls for 65% of standard work hours per week.

Duties include academic services in the project named above. Research associates can also pursue independent research and further academic qualifications.

Specific Duties:
Support for the development and evaluation of annotation tools for complex annotations considering vagueness. Preparation of annotations of project-specific parameters (Dates, Places, and Names) as well as related parameters for two books of Dimitrie Cantemir (Beschreibung der Moldau und Geschichte des osmanischen Reichs nach seinem Anwachsen und Abnehmen). Preparing of lists that bring together vague terms related to parameters.

M.A. in Turkish/Ottoman studies preferred. Knowledge of German, English and Turkish/Ottoman is obligatory. Knowledge of digital annotation process is an advantage.

Further information:

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