Turkologentag 2018 – CfP for Panel “Going Native: Converts, Renegades and ‘New’ Ottomans”, 16th-19th century”

Turkologentag 2018, Bamberg, September 19-21, 2018
Deadline: December, 30, 2017

This panel, organized by Yavuz Köse, Petr Kučera and Tobias Völker (University of Hamburg), will examine the role of Europeans who settled in the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries and assumed “Ottoman identity”, be it by way of conversion to Islam and assimilating to the host society or by becoming citizens/loyal servants of the Ottoman state, identifying themselves as Ottomans, but retaining their faith. Being aware of the fact that identity formation is an extremely complex process and every identity is multi-layered, we do not assume that those who underwent “Ottomanization” just shook off their old identity. We rather refer to the process whereby a person who, while originally coming from and being attached to his or her homeland by language, culture, and/or religion, made the Ottoman Empire his or her permanent home, and, after some time, socialized into the new culture and claimed to have become Ottoman or was described as such by others.

For further details see: Turkologentag-CFP_Going-Native

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